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The Perfectly Imperfect Fat Loss Plan

Two Options

Self-Paced fat loss  Program- Use the application to follow the program at your own pace over 6 weeks.

The 2.0 Program - Follow the program using the application with additional 1-2-1 support and accountability over 10 weeks. 80% of clients see better results with regular support.

Program Plan -

  • Week 4 - Building Better Habits

  • Week 5 - Trouble Shooting & Common reasons why you're not losing weight.

  • Week 6 - Snacking & Dining Out

  • For 2.0 We then spend 4 weeks working on building a bespoke plan for your goals.

Program Plan...

  • Week 1 - Starting Point & Nutrition Staples

  • Week 2 - Calorie Counting/Macros & alternatives

  • Week 3 - Learning About Energy Balance

Who is this suitable for?
Anyone who is committed to spending the next 6 weeks+ learning and working on themselves to make meaningful changes to their lifestyle. Fat loss works best when we focus on understanding that we might have to go back to the basics and “unlearn” some habits. With the view of making changes to move forwards in a positive, sustainable way :)

Orange Cake

"I was having such a hard week and I was so close to giving up. The video on motivation was exactly what I needed to hear"

- Sarah

On The Perfectly Imperfect Plan

"I had a little portion of chocolate that I enjoyed and savoured? This is the first time that I have reacted to stress in this way instead of falling into a binge”

- George

On The Perfectly Imperfect Plan

 These programs are not currently running. You can join the waiting list to be contacted when coaching services restarts

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