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Katie - Online Nutrition Coach

So, let me start by telling you a little bit about me – I went from being a young lady who wrote sick notes to avoid P.E. To somehow climbing mountains, running half marathons, and swimming in open water.

On my journey, I’ve not only had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands in fitness, but I’ve also written about my diet struggles in The Huffington Post. Alongside sharing how easy it is to fall off the fitness wagon with The Telegraph, and thousands of readers from my blog Cake Vs Scales.

This brings me to the current moment, where after years of battling with my weight, unsure of what on earth I should be eating and whose advice I should follow. I started to study Nutrition with the view of helping others find sustainable fat loss, without fad diets or restrictions.

But, I’m not interested in offering “quick fixes” or “one size fits all” or “extremely low calories” because that doesn’t fit my ethos.

Plus, some of my clients prefer a more “accountable” approach or are looking to boost their athletic performance, I believe that your plan should be as unique as you are…

One thing I need you to know is that I’m a “Why” person, so I won’t just give you some numbers and send you on your way, I want to help you set goals. Alongside breaking down any barriers, answering your questions, and being there if you stumble or need some reassurance.

I’m all weight/body type inclusive, as for some people it isn’t about weight loss or reaching a certain number. It might be that you want more inspiration on how and what to eat? Or that you want to make a long-term lifestyle change?

Whilst I’m not a PT and cannot give you exercise advice, I run, lift, swim and I have a history of rock/alpine climbing. Therefore, if you have athletic goals, let’s chat – I can be your cheerleader and help you fuel your next PB!



These are regularly updated as I'm committed to building long-term and valid knowledge


Level 4 Nutrition

AFN Certified

Optimum Nutrition

For Health & Performance

AFN Certified

advanced diploma 

General Nutrition

Quality Licence Scheme Approved

Advanced DIPLOMA

Weight Loss

Quality Licence Scheme Approved
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