How The Plans Work


This plan works in the following way:

Firstly, it’s important for you to know that my coaching method is highly supportive, non-judgmental, and backed by science.


I require everyone to complete the new customer form and then when you’re ready, we start with the first few weeks of working together.

The first few weeks are all about discovery, I use the information you provide to understand your objectives and put together a program that suits you, taking into account your lifestyle, and your personal objectives.

Once a week you’ll need to check in via e-mail and I’ll send a video reply reviewing your weekly data, answering questions, and guiding you as required.

Of course, life changes fast, so we’ll work together to ensure you can reach your goals, regardless of what hurdles you might find along the way.


The plan is most effective if:

  • You’re happy to be open to learning and implementing changes to your lifestyle.

  • You feel comfortable with being honest about your nutrition habits.

  • You don’t have any pre-existing eating disorders (this is a highly specialist area).

  • You’re truly motivated to take the time to check in, listen to feedback, and be guided.


This plan works in the same way as the premium plan, however, you check in with me twice a month. 


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