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How Coaching Works...

Firstly, it’s important for you to know that my coaching method is highly supportive, non-judgmental, and backed by scientific evidence and my continued studies. Because of this, my coaching spaces are very limited, it's of high priority to me that I take the time to get to know you and ensure that working together can be successful and enjoyable. 

With this in mind, I have two options for coaching, one is a 6 weeks "self-paced" plan and the other is 1-2-1 coaching

1-2-1 Coaching

The first few weeks are all about discovery, I use the information you provide to understand your objectives and put together a program that suits you, taking into account your lifestyle, and your personal objectives.

The key areas I focus on are...

·        Sustainable fat-loss, we can work together to find the best way to reach your goals, this might include tracking calories or macros, or a more mindful approach to your nutrition and lifestyle. We’ll look to set goals, work on building more rewarding behaviour’s and improve confidence so you don’t have to start, yet another diet!

·        Alternatively, you might be wanting to move away from fat loss and we can look at a journey that focuses on an improved body image. Alongside creating new habits and enjoying a balanced diet at the same time.

·        Finally, I love to help folk with fuelling fitness, many people start lifting weights, running, or cycling to improve fitness, body image, mental wellness, and weight management. By making changes to your nutritional intake, we can look to fuel your next PB and improve your energy levels in the process.  

Whom do I help?

·       ​People who are ready to make a real change and are tired of re-starting the same diet, stopping, and then repeating the cycle. At the same time, if you’re looking for a “Cookie Cutter” approach of “here’s your calories get on with it “then I’m not the right coach for you.


·        I love working with people who are ready to make themselves and long-term change a priority. No, I  don't expect you to be super motivated and full of energy week in, and week out. But if you’re open to battling through the hard weeks, trust the process and feel excited about the end goal, then we should definitely chat!


·        People who are curious and excited by how good they could feel and how enjoyable life could be without tracking, negative body image, and yo-yo dieting.

·        I cannot work with anyone who is struggling with disordered eating or has serious underlying medical conditions; this is an area that needs to be guided by a Dietitian and/or other medical professionals.


If I decide to go ahead, what’s the process?

​Firstly, I will require you to complete my application form so I can get to know a little more about you and how I can help.


But, please do feel free to e-mail me (or DM me on Instagram) if you’d like to chat beforehand.

If you decide to proceed with coaching; I will send you everything you need to get started and all clients automatically receive the following:

  • Regular check-ins with options to suit various budgets and requirements

  • A selection of recipe books with “MyFitnessPal” Barcode Scanning and full nutritional breakdowns

  •  A comprehensive nutrition guide that provides information on common topics like calories, macros, tracking, meal ideals, and journalling prompts.

  •  A check-in sheet that’s entirely customized to you and your personal goals.

  •  E-mail support

  • Additional written support along the way, for example, if we cover a certain topic during check-in, you will be provided with follow-up information.

  • Access to the "1-2-1" Client information hub

How do the “Check-ins” work?

  • ​I currently have two options and these include a “check-in” every week or every other week.

  • We will agree on a start date and a set weekly “Check-in” day.

  •  As this service is based on online coaching, once we’ve agreed to start working together, I will create a check-in sheet customized for you. It will be your responsibility to complete this prior to our agreed check-in day. I will then review your sheet and record a video response and the link will be provided via e-mail with any other supplementary documentation; meaning that you can watch/read at a time that suits you.

  • I do have a package that includes Whatsapp support and a monthly coaching call if required.

On rare occasions, we might need to discuss objectives in a little more detail and this can be via e-mail or telephone call, depending on your preference.


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